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Battle of Mustafar 
Battle of Mustafar (18 BBY)
Conflict: Imperial Period
Date: 18 BBY
Place: Mustafar
Outcome: Imperial victory

Empire Galactic Empire


CIS CIS holdouts


Maximilian Veers


Gizor Dellso


501st Legion


Reactivated droid army





The Battle of Mustafar (18 BBY) was a battle between the Galactic Empire and some Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) holdouts led by the Geonosian Gizor Dellso on the planet of Mustafar. The Empire was victorious over the reactivated droids, and they used an orbital strike to destroy the droid factory on the planet.


The Geonosian leader Gizor Dellso began a rebellion against the Galactic Empire in 18 BBY with an army of reactivated battle droids and a separatist fleet including a Trade Federation cruiser and some Banking Clan comms ships. Darth Vader dispatched the elite 501st Legion to take down the separatist holdouts on Mustafar, the lava planet where they set up a droid facility. The 501st first had to break through the separatist fleet in the orbit of the planet, and only after the fleet was destroyed could they assault the planet itself.


Space battle[]

Mustafar 18 BBY

The space battle over Mustafar

The separatists of Gizor Dellso fought the Imperial fleet and sent a transport to land droid marines in the Star Destroyer's hangar, so Imperial marines and TIE Fighter pilots were dispatched to destroy the transport. The pilots used time bombs while the marines used rocket launchers, and they turned all of the attacking droids and their ship to scrap metal. With their attack thwarted, the separatists had to go on the defensive. The 501st then set out in TIE Bombers and took out the shields of the main Trade Federation cruiser, and they proceeded to recover a CIS Strike Bomber for Darth Vader at his unusual request. The 501st headed into the hangar of the Trade Federation cruiser and recovered one of the bombers after gunning down several droids, and it was taken back to the Star Destroyer's hangar. The returning of the bomber to the hangar completed the 501st Legion's mission, and the cruiser was destroyed by the star destroyer alongside the Banking Clan comms ships that defended the main ship.

Land battle[]

Mustafar orbital strike

The orbital strike

The 501st Legion's stormtroopers were then dispatched to the planet to take over the droid facility and destroy Gizor Dellso's reactivated battle droids. The stormtroopers secured the landing zone and proceeded to take over the lava control room, and they killed several droids there. The stormtroopers fought hard and emerged victorious over the droids, and then they prepared for Dellso's arrival. They fought swarms of Geonosians before killing Dellso, and they placed a beacon to signal an orbital strike. The stormtroopers left the area and watched the fireworks, watching the Imperial fleet launch an orbital strike on the droid facility and destroy it. The rebellion was put down, removing the separatist threat.